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AXH Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
KAM Thermal Equipment, Ltd - Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)
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52' 3-fan Air Cooled Water Cooler manufactured by AXH air-coolers LLC

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If your application requires one or more of the following types of Heat Exchangers:

  • Air Cooled (Finned Tube and Fan)
  • Shell & Tube
  • Shell & Coil
  • Shell & Plate
  • Plate & Frame (PHE)
  • Plate Fin (Tube & Fin)
  • Brazed Plate 
  • Radiators (Flat Tube)

Contact Tech Solutions to provide the experience and relationships of the most trusted names in Heat Transfer engineering & product manufacturing.  Along with local technical representatives, Tech Solutions is your top choice for reliable heat transfer solutions.

Manufacturers' products offered:

AXH air-coolers, LLC

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers(Finned Tube and Fan)

KAM Thermal Equipment, Ltd.

Manufacturer of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers since 1906

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